Carpet Cleaning

GMG Daycare services are specialists in carpet cleaning for daycare centers. We understand that daycare centers need more than a cleaning solution sprayed on their carpets and vacuumed up with a hand wand.

Firstly, we apply a cleaning solution to the carpet and use an orbital/vibrating scrubber that removes even the toughest stains. Then, an enzyme-based solution that kills odor causing bacteria is applied to carpet. Finally, an extraction machine is used to apply a rinsing solution, scrub the carpet, and extract the water leaving the carpets clean and fresh.

GMG Daycare Services does not cut corners. We know that carpets are touched frequently, and we spend time necessary to clean them properly. As with all our services, we work with our clients to ensure that there is no interruption to their business.

Tile Floor Cleaning

Due to durability and low maintenance, tile flooring is a common choice for commercial buildings. Regular mopping removes surface dirt but over time, dirt penetrates the porous surface of the tile and grout, leaving a dull and dirty look. If this build-up is not removed regularly, the tile will wear out as the dirt is ground into it.

GMG Daycare services uses the latest equipment and correct chemicals to clean the tiles and restore grout, making it cleaner and brighter.

Restroom floors start to smell over time due to fluids being trapped on tile surfaces and in the grout. We have the equipment necessary to clean the tiles and grout of restroom floors, making them clean and odor free.

Terrazzo Floor Polishing

Many older commercial properties have terrazzo floor areas, usually in corridors and in entryways. A common error is to clean and seal terrazzo floors with the same sealer used for VCT (vinyl) tile. This is a less expensive process but as these are “high -traffic”, the sealer needs to be removed and replaced often, making the maintenance expensive over time.

GMG Daycare Services, has the equipment and experience to polish and seal terrazzo floors so that they can withstand the high traffic far longer than normal sealer does. Also, if part of the floor is damaged, the damaged area can be repolished. This is not possible if the area is treated with VCT sealant. In this case, the entire floor would need to be retreated.

VCT Floor Treatment

VCT (vinyl composition tile) floors are extremely popular in commercial buildings. They are 12” square tiles that are glued to the floor. The tiles are cheap and durable. These floors require 3 phases of maintenance: daily, periodic, and restorative.

Daily Maintenance:

Daily maintenance is a routine that our cleaners perform daily. The floors are vacuumed, swept, or cleaned using a dust mop. Then, the floor is mopped using a damp mop or cleaned with an autoscrubber. Autoscrubbers are machines that are used to clean large areas where using a mop would be impractical and take too long. GMG Daycare services provides autoscrubbers for buildings where the floor area is too large for regular mopping.

Periodic Maintenance:

To restore a floor’s shine, it will need to be scrubbed and recoated occasionally. This involves removing the topcoat of sealer to get rid of embedded dirt and then reapply floor sealant. The frequency of periodic maintenance will depend on the amount of traffic on the floor. Low traffic areas are usually treated once a year whereas high-traffic areas (such as entrances and corridors) may need treatment every 6 months.

Restorative Maintenance:

Even proper daily and periodic maintenance routines, VCT flooring will require a full strip and finish at some point. This involves removing all the sealant from the floor and reapplying 3 – 5 coats of sealant. This process requires 3 – 4 days without traffic on the floor to allow the sealant to cure and avoid potential damage to the tiles.

GMG Daycare Services has the equipment, knowledge, and experience to take care of every type of floor and to ensure that it stays looking its best.