More than just a Cosmetic Clean

It is unfortunate that many times a building receives a “cosmetic” clean. This is what we call it when cleaners survey the area, selectively vacuum parts of the floor, do not move trash cans or other items to clean around them, skip areas that look clean and mop floors without sweeping them first.

GMG Daycare Services NEVER cosmetically cleans a building. All our cleaners are trained to clean to the highest standards, irrespective of the training and experience that they had prior to joining our company. Our cleaning processes and procedures are based on CDC guidelines to ensure that every location is cleaned properly every time.

We work with our clients to determine which areas are to be cleaned, on which days and at what times. Our schedules are based on our clients’ needs.

The chemicals that we use are EPA and OSHA approved and are dispensed by a system that mixes the correct ratio of product to water ensuring the safety of our staff, your staff, and your clients. We use separate cleaning cloths and equipment for each area (food areas, restrooms, and general areas) to make sure that there is no cross contamination and spread of germs.

When you use GMG services you can rest assured that you are selecting cleaners that work to the highest possible standards with your needs, and your premises in mind.